University of Strathclyde Business School – Glasgow, UK

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Striving to develop a modern outlook and generate new ideas in the world economy.

University of Strathclyde Business School - Glasgow, UK

Key Differentiators

University of Strathclyde Business School (SBS) has a strategic plan of taking responsibility to research, educate and serve as a benefit of society by reaching outside of the university to make the world better educated, prosperous, healthy, fair and secure.  The business school has an ambition to be the leading technological university in the world, and has a mission to advance society through the pursuit of excellence in research, education and knowledge exchange, and creative engagement with partner organizations of the local, national and international levels.

SBS has a vision of being an institution characterized by technological research and high-quality education.  The business school strives to develop a modern outlook and generate new ideas in the world economy.  The school stands by a “commitment to useful learning” through:

  • Offering a wide range of education opportunities in a flexible, innovative learning environment.
  • Developing students who have the aptitudes and capacities to make significant contributions to their communities after graduation as employees, employers and citizens.
  • Connecting research through knowledge exchange to make an impact on modern society.

SBS aims to provide an education program focused on innovative teaching strategies and technologically advanced subjects and facilities.  The coursework provides opportunities for dialogue and opportunities for students to part-take in the university’s advancement of the local, national, and global economy.



The MBA Program  is offered in the formats of full-time, part-time, flexible learning, and part-time offshore.  The program consists of classes, group-work and personal development processes, and three months to complete a project.  In the early stages of the program , there are a number of classes designed to identify personal strengths and weakness to ensure students take full advantage of the program.  The courses are intensive and heavily focused around team work.

The program consists of four different modules, which are:

  • The Reflective Practitioner – students respond to the increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility, stakeholder Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 11.45.25 PMexpectations and the professional practice of management.
  • Making the Business Work – students understand the management fundamentals and processes vital to a business’s success.
  • Strategic Management for Sustainable Success – the classes are designed dot help students explore and understand internal and external ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty.
  • Personal Development – This is achieved through the entire program, along with elective classes and the final MBA project.

To the right is a diagram of the course structure, provided by SBS.

The Executive Education Program offers open-enrollment and customized courses that help individuals build capability in benefiting their organizations and themselves as individual managers.  The customized programs align learning with the organizations strategy makes sure the courses are collaborative and provide a catalyst that delivers effective industry and academic collaboration.

The Center for Corporate Connections offers executive education and leadership development for students in the Engineering and Technology sectors.  Over 1,000 senior managers have attended in the past five years, and the program has just recently launched a new International Energy Masters Degree.


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


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