USC Marshall School of Business – Los Angeles, California

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Success demands an understanding of the inner workings of the global marketplace.

USC Marshall School of Business - Los Angeles, California

Key Differentiators

USC Marshall School of Business is positioned to address the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment by providing an education that places an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility.  The business school stands by the guiding philosophy that success demands an understanding of the inner workings of the global marketplace, and it has established USC Marshall as leading business school in the US.

USC Marshall was the first school to require international study projects as a part of the MBA programme and now provides students with global experiences across all disciplines.  Students travel across Asia and Latin America to study emerging economies, interact with executives in Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok to gain valuable perspectives, complete internships to understand the inner-workings of business in the European union and part-take in international studies to gain a broad understanding of economic and social issues that impact markets.

USC Marshall has a strategic plan to prepare students for the challenges faced during cross-culture commerce, rapidly evolving technology and management of limited resources.  They seek to develop a global mindset with entrepreneurial thinking and strong communication and analytical skills within their students.  The business school has a vision to be the leader in educating tomorrow’s business leaders, creating knowledge of management and business and addressing problems faced by businesses and society, both in their community and globally.



The MBA Programme is offered in a full-time and part-time format and is highly ranked in the areas of accounting, entrepreneurship and international business studies. The programme is committed to producing successful business leaders who have a global perspective, an innovative sprit and a collaborative approach to business.

A ten-day field trip to the Pacific Rim, Latin America or European city is included to help students gain a greater understanding of global issues and apply business strategies and skills at on-site locations.  Students are placed in five to six member teams with richly diverse backgrounds to work on group projects together.  Also, students work on projects that give back to the community and have the opportunity to participate in over 30 professional clubs and organizations that promote leadership and entrepreneurship.

The curriculum is spread across two years and is academically rigorous and time-intensive.  The first semester covers the core fundamentals of business, while the last three semesters are reserved for students to refine their knowledge in specific areas related to their careers.

The part-time programme is three years long and designed for managers or professionals who are fully employeed.  The first year of classes meet at University Park Campus in Los Angeles or at the Orange County Center in Irvine.  The second and third year classes meet at University Park Campus.  Classes meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings and all-day Saturday in Los Angeles and Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Orange County.  The programme contains 63 units and the ten-day international experience, which are also included in the full-time MBA programme.

The Executive MBA Programme is a 21-month progamme that incorporates the themes of the MBA programme and addresses issues senior managers and seasoned professionals encounter every day.  The programme concentrates on the “interrelatedness” of business functions and is structured around the themes of off-site sessions and international off-site sessions.

The curriculum is designed to continuously expose executives to the different functional areas of business within the context of a broader them that can be applied to any organization.  The curriculum contains ten integrated themes mirroring managerial situations. Below is the programme curriculum, provided by Marshall.

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USC Marshall also offers Executive Education courses that are two to seven days and are designed to help executives achieve what they want in their careers.  The courses are taught by the school’s faculty and innovative instructional methods, relevant case studies, business models and experiential exercises are used to deliver materials.  Courses are offered in open-enrollment, customized and certification formats.


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


Job Integration Rate
According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Business School Ranking

  • High:  77% job offer three months post-graduation


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