Mannheim Business School – Mannheim, Germany

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Producing excellent research that has a high impact on educational and practical activities for the university.

Mannheim Business School - Mannheim, Germany

Key Differentiators

Mannheim Business School (MBS) was founded in 1907 and is a non-profit organization with 30 full-time professors and 400 hundred students, 55% of which are international.  The business school has several learning goals:

  • Managing processes:  Helping students master the functional concepts and theories in business in order to be successful and gain practical experience.
  • Facing complexity:  The business school presents students with complex business situations so students can apply analytical and entrepreneurial skills along with creative, innovative solutions.
  • Rising to leadership:  Students learn how to apply leadership skills and increase self-awareness.
  • Integrating intercultural and societal context of business:  Students learn how to integrate cultural and ethical issues into global business practice.

MBS has a mission to produce excellent research that has a high impact on educational and practical activities for the business school.  They have an established reputation as a research and teaching institution and strive to attract the most high-quality faculty and students.  The business school’s goal is to enhance students’ personal skills and teach them how to constantly think critically and with social responsibility.

MBS has the strategic goals creating an exceptional faculty body to advance distinguished research projects and unite theoretical and practical aspects of business administration.  The business school wants to be deemed as a hot-spot for successful business leaders and achieve academic excellence and managerial relevance through constant interaction with the global corporate world.



The MBA Program at Mannheim Business School is offered as full-time or part-time and gives students access to a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds while educating them on the global network of today’s economy.  In the program, students choose from five different tracks that all possess their different unique qualities of global education.  These tracks are the:

  • German track
  • Eurasian track
  • Transatlantic track
  • European track
  • Global track

The MBA program is divided into four terms and provides students with the fundamental skills executives must possess in an international environment.  The courses are formatted as case-based and interactive, using methods such as learning modules within intercultural teams.  Students are also given a comprehensive career examination throughout their education.

The full-time program is 12 months and the part-time program is 24 months and consists of 13 modules that occur every other month.  The MBA program offers the benefits of an international experience, personal development and an extensive network in and outside of the business school.  Below is a detailed diagram of the five different MBA tracks provided by Mannheim.

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The ESSEC and Mannheim Executive MBA offers senior executives a learning experience with global business to build on their career momentum.  The program is limited to 45 to 50 participants per class and encourages participants to:

  • Identify changes and generate innovation.
  • Enhance their people-management and leadership skills.
  • Appreciate the synergies that come from a team-oriented working style.
  • Gain further intercultural experience and competence.
  • Reflect on the social and ecological responsibility of business leaders.

The curriculum is divided into four fields of learning.  Fields one and two focus on general management fundamentals, field three provided executives with a deep understanding of political, legal and economic forces, and field four focuses on organizational innovation and leadership.  On the modular track schedule, participants meet every six weeks from Wednesday to Wednesday; on the weekend track schedule, participants meet every other weekend in either Paris or Mannheim.

The Mannheim and Tongji Executive MBA Program is a part-time program targeting the top executives active in both the Chinese and German markets.  The program consists of six modules on different management subjects each lasting nine to 11 days.  The program is highly flexible and emphasizes team work and group projects.  The program is offered in three different tracks:

  • Completion of six modules plus a masters thesis in one and half years.
  • Gather modules and pass the masters thesis in the maximum of three and a half years.
  • Attending single modules to receive certificates.

Mannheim Business School also offers Executive Education Programs in open-enrollment and customized company programs.  Both sets of programs excel participants academically, refresh their knowledge, help them to acquire innovative thinking patters and empower them.  Three different sets of open-enrollment programs are offered for different levels of experience; young professional courses, executive courses and senior management courses.


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


Job Integration Rate
According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s International Business School Ranking

  • High:  100% job offer three months post-graduation


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