IESE Business School – Barcelona, Spain

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Business School Motto: Promoting Excellence Globally

IESE Business School - Barcelona, Spain

Key Differentiators

IESE Graduate School of Business of the University of Navarra delivers management based education to students all over the world.  The business school has a humanistic approach to business and leadership with a goal to achieve sustainable, long-term international prosperity.  The global scope of IESE’s programs comes from all over the world and has a strong cross-cultural perspective.  IESE also has locations in five different continents with students from over 100 different countries.

The business school has a commitment to developing leaders with a deep, positive, long-lasting impact on their organizations. The coursework and teaching style was designed around the five core-values of IESE:

  • Respect for others
  • Commitment to the common good of companies and society
  • Humility
  • Learning and listening
  • Teamwork

The “five pillars of leadership” at IESE are also incorporate into the program.  These pillars serve as the foundation for topics discussed during the educational experience.  The five pillars of leadership are:

  • A general management perspective
  • Human and ethical values
  • International dimension
  • Transformational impact
  • Knowledge development

IESE uses the teaching style of case method to provide real-life situations for students.  IESE is one of the largest producers of business cases.  This makes their case method style very accessible and constantly updated; it also has created many ties between industries and the university.

The business school uses a humanistic view of companies and leadership to positively shape the world and future generations through a people-centered approach to business.  Students are taught to integrate the schools set of core values with advanced management techniques for interacting with employees, customers, suppliers, governments, and other businesses.

IESE has campuses in Barcelona and Spain, a center in New York and offices in Munich and Sao Paulo. These locations serve as meeting points for alumni and students across the globe.



The Full-time MBA Program is 19 months and takes a holistic, general management approach to enable students to develop effective leadership and business skills.  In the first year, students work in groups of 70, complete a corporate internship during the summer, and then take electives taught in English or Spanish at the Barcelona campus during the second year.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in the overseas module in New York City, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, or Nairobi.  Additionally, students can also exchange during the entire second term to another top business school through the International Exchange Program.

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The full-time MBA program is taught through case study method so students can experience situations that would occur in the real-world, exercise problem-solving skills learned and examine the situation from different perspectives.  After a period of individual preparation, students work in teams to analyze and discuss solutions to hundreds of case studies produced by IESE.  The program also provides an online forum for every student to contribute to group discussions on different topics.  The ultimate goal of the program is to train students to make calculated business decisions and take action by thinking, arguing, and defending their interpretations of problematic situations, and also being aware that multiple solutions could be applicable to the situation.

The Executive MBA Program is a bilingual program taught in Spanish and English and invites graduates with over five years of work experience.  The 19-month program has a weekly format offered at locations in Barcelona and Madrid, and a bi-weekly program in Madrid and Sao Paulo.  A Global Executive MBA Program is also offered at locations in Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, and New York City.

The goal of the executive MBA program is to enhance executives management skills, advance their careers, and develop a humanistic vision of the company as a whole.  In the first year, fundamental concepts of management are established.  In the second year, more innovative topics are addressed and a business plan is developed.  The subjects covered in courses during the second year are constantly updated by faculty to ensure that students are studying the most current issues.  Below is a detailed description of the two-year program (provided by IESE’s website).

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The Executive Education Program offers a portfolio of open and customized programs in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, and other locations.  More than 4,000 senior executives attend every year and programs are offered in leadership, general management, industry specific programs, and short focused programs.  The classes are designed and taught by IESE’s full-time faculty and feature a shortened, more intense case method study.

Leadership and general management programs enable managers to develop more advanced leadership skills and progress the strategic thinking abilities.  Short-focused programs address particular issues in a short, intense format based on three main ideas:  Immersion, concentration, and transformation.  Industry specific programs are a mix of leadership, general management programs, and short focused programs in specific industries such as health-care, or media and entertainment.


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


Job Integration Rate
According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s International Business School Ranking

  • High:  90% job offer three months post-graduation


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