Henley Business School – Reading and Oxon, UK

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Instilling strong leadership abilities and sound judgement anchored by a core set of personal values.

Henley Business School - Reading and Oxon, UK

Key Differentiators

Henley Business School is a world-renowned international business school based in the UK that operates in 17 different countries and holds a reputation of creating professionals and leaders who are focused, distinctive and engaging in every sense of business.  Founded in 1945, the business school holds triple accredited status from AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB for the Henley MBA Program.

The business school has a global presence and reputation in all aspects of their work.  This includes a highly diverse faculty, programmes that draw students from over 140 different countries and an international network of associates and peers  in a 30,000 plus group of alumni.

The school has strengths in research in six academic areas:

  • Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Business and Strategy
  • Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
  • Marketing and Reputation
  • Real Estate and Planning

Henley Business School has a vision to continue to present executives and organisations all over the world with difficult decisions and challenges.  The business school believes that the only way for organisations to survive and thrive in this global economy is to employee executives with strong leadership abilities and sound judgement anchored by a core set of personal values.

Henley Business School has the core values of: (provided by Henley’s website)

  • That the learner and their continued development is central to what we do.
  • That character and integrity are as important as capability.
  • That wealth creation is important for society as a whole not just for individuals.
  • That building management and leadership capability builds both wealth and the welfare of society.



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The Full-time MBA program is 12 months long and requires a minimum of three years work experience.  The program is presented on the Whitenights campus, University of Reading, and has a unique, collaborative and personal applied learning approach that focuses on international business, leadership and corporate reputation.  Their is an international study visit option and an applied business project or in-company project near the end of the schedule.

The Henley MBA focuses on giving students a hands-on approach to learning and promoting collaboration with classmates to develop the crucial skills of production within a team-environment.  Throughout the program there is a constant reinforcement of personal development and career development to prepare students with the challenges of business leadership.

The program is structured in three consecutive stages and has a modular format consisting of at least nine core modules plus electives.  Each module is composed of a number of lessons along with group and individual assignments.  To the right is the content of all three stages, provided by Henley’s website.

The Executive MBA Program is a part-time 21-month program that emphasizes the importance of personal development as a manager.  The program includes personal support, business coaching, company-based projects in high-performance learning groups and an international study trip.  The program is aimed towards executives in senior positions with 10 plus years work experience and wish to maintain their upward career path and add to the benefit they bring to their organisation.

The program is broken down into three stages geared toward business management and improving upon decision-making skills.  Here are the stages:

  • Stage 1 – Managing in the organisation
  • Stage 2 – Making choices: Context and Stakeholders
  • Stage 3 – Making an impact

The focus of the executive MBA program is personal development and assessment to help senior executives reflect on their skill set and update their business techniques.  A Flexible Executive MBA program is also offered that is 36 months long and offered at the Greenlands campus and in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, South Africa and Trinidad.

The Executive Education Program at Henley is for future leaders to develop genuine, sustainable new skills and behaviors.  Open-enrollment programs are offered in the areas of:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Strategy and Change
  • Coaching
  • Human Resources
  • Customised Solutions


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


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