Florida International University, Graduate School of Business – Miami, Florida

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Business School Motto: Hope. Knowledge. Opportunity.

Florida International University, Graduate School of Business - Miami, Florida

Key Differentiators

Florida International University Graduate School of Business blends the advantages of a multicultural, ethnically rich city with an education that promotes the flourishing of international commerce, technology and entrepreneurship.  The business school serves 6,000 undergraduates and 1,000 graduates per year and the faculty represents over 100 different nations.

FIU Business encourages students to explore the areas of having a global perspective, technological focus, entrepreneurial mindset and civic engagement.  More than 20 percent of the 30,000 alumni at the school have grown to run their own business.  This is one of the focuces of FIU Business, and they strive towards it through providing leadership and team-building exercises in the classroom to develop students professionally and prepare them for their future roles as CEO of their own enterprise.

The business school maintains a global perspective through their innovative, cutting-edge teaching methodology and excellence in curricular structure.  They also offer unique programme in international business, study abroad programmes that enrich students learning experiences in over 20 different countries, and international volunteer activities delivered in cooperation with Winrock International, an international agribusiness development agency.

FIU Business also has a focus on technology in many different ways.  The programmes prepare students to use information technology strategically and usefully to their advantage; the campuses have state-of-the-art technology and wireless environments to enhance teaching and learning; and the courses are delivered electronically and web-assisted, technology-mediated instruction is offered.  These features allow students to have a more flexible schedule and more than 20 percent of the students take online courses at FIU Business.



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The International MBA Programme is a year-long and is designed for people who people who plan to take theirknowledge and experience and apply it to international business.  The programme is offered in Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese or Advanced Business English and includes personal assistance and study-abroad programmes.

The programme is designed to gain important skills through developmental seminars that focus on leadership, team-building, oral presentation and written communication.  The programme includes 49 credit hours and classes are held Monday through Friday in 4.5 hour blocks.  Approximately 20 hours a week are spent in the classroom and students participate in a summer internship or study-abroad programme.  Each semester is eight weeks long and programme extension options are available.  To the right is a diagram of the programmes curriculum, provided by FIU Business.

The Executive MBA Programme is an elite programme for seasoned professionals who have an average of eight years work experience.  The programme provides a global perspective and leadership skills to help professionals take their careers to the next level and provides an interdisciplinary curriculum that is organised around four key decision-making areas:

  • Navigating in a global environment
  • Building a high-performance organisation
  • Creating economic and social value
  • Developing and implementing strategy

The programme is 18-months and begins in January.  Classes are held at the Downtown campus in Brickell.  The curriculum is a radical approach to teaching business through four interdisciplinary courses that are designed to sharpen leadership skills, cultivate strategic skills and develop creative innovation.  The goal of the programme is to help students gain the leadership skills through exposure to community business leaders, case studies and business challenges and projects.   Below is the programme structure, provided by FIU Business.

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The Executive MBA programme is also offered in a weekend format, part-time format and online format.


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


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