Essec Business School – Cergy-Pontoise, France

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Creating value through innovation

Essec Business School - Cergy-Pontoise, France

Key Differentiators

ESSEC Business School has three campuses in Cergy, Paris and Singapore with over 4,400 students representing 90 different nationalities.  The business school is an innovation-driven institution that creates value and focuses on the individual.  The educational curriculum uses a distinct approach focusing on the current global economic environment.

ESSEC is guided by the values of dialog, creativity, innovation, responsibility, excellence and openness to the world and uses these values as a benchmark for the training provided to it’s students.  The business school uses three strategic orientations to reflect it’s values and foster personal growth:

  • The cultivation strong business ties with the corporate organisations around the world.
  • Constantly re-assessing programmes to ensure that they are directly aligned with contemporary management challenges; this is guided through research conducted by the ESSEC faculty.
  • An aim to provide the best atmosphere for social and cultural diversity within the campuses.

This approach is designed to enable students to develop the necessary skills as working professionals and build their success by giving them an education focused on innovation and growth.  One way the institution does this is through helping students establish their own personal career plan throughout their education.

The business school’s educational approach is based on the students’ autonomy, responsibility and freedom and focuses on experience in business and in the international economy.  The programmes are designed to give future managers the necessary skills to innovate in a complex, constantly changing business environment.

The aim of ESSEC Business School is to improve the conduct of organisations by producing business concepts and relevant modules for companies and society that are up-to-date with the 21st century.  They also want to contribute to the progress of the global economy by educating entrepreneurs and managers to have a better managerial effectiveness and social responsibility.


The ESSEC MBA Programme is a generalist programme that combines academic training and professional experience and is offered in two different formats:  The Global MBA and the Master of Science in Management.

The Global MBA Programme is a highly selective programme for individuals who want to fast-track their career in the international economic setting.  The programme provides a unique composition of management theory with interactive, cutting-edge business knowledge from specialists.

The Global MBA programme is focused on providing a thorough basis of essential management skills and leadership Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.38.08 PMtheory.  Chair seminars, electives and multidisciplinary workshops help students tailor their educational experience to match their career objectives.  The mandatory courses for the Global MBA programme are:

  • Accounting for Decision Making (Financial & Reporting)
  • Accounting for Decision Making (Control & Performance)
  • Business, Sustainability & Society
  • Finance
• Marketing Strategy
  • Strategy and the Global Corporation
  • Leadership & Organizational Behavior
  • Managerial Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Statistical Analysis for Management

The programme is one year, full-time and has a focus on emerging markets.  Over the period of 12 months, students are taught the fundamental concepts of business through innovative learning techniques, real-world business projects and immersion into business situations.  The programme is offered in Cergy and in Singapore and the course work is conducted in English.  Up above is a diagram of the curriculum of the Global MBA programme, provided by ESSEC.

The Executive MBA Programme at ESSEC and Mannheim offers senior executives a unique learning experience and provides them with applicable business knowledge that can be applied to today’s global market.  The class size is 40 to 50 participants and broadens students’ skills in their global vision of the enterprise, corporate expertise, general management strategies, business capabilities and limitations, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The programme requires a minimum of eight years work-experience and is divided into four fields of learning:

  • The fundamentals of management
  • Managing functions
  • Understanding environment and establishing policy
  • Leading organisational renewal

The first two fields are designed to provide a solid base of fundamental management knowledge while the second two fields go beyond the basics with courses like Financial Policy and Global Corporations.  The programme also contains a class project that developed throughout the course with an objective to make a positive contribution to society and an entrepreneurial project where students innovate a business plan and execute it.


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Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


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