EDHEC Business School – Roubaix, France

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Business School Mission: To continuously pursue an international development strategy that is directed to the needs of businesses and students.

EDHEC Business School - Roubaix, France

Key Differentiators

EDHEC Business school has five campuses across the globe including two academic campuses in Lille, Nice, and three part-time executive campuses in Paris, London and Singapore.  The business school has a mission to continuously pursue an international development strategy that is directed to the needs of businesses and students.  EDHEC maintains an innovative research policy and a long-time drive to recruit diverse professors to promote a multicultural learning environment.

EDHEC Business school has an ambition to move business and society in the world forward and to develop the most talented future alumni that will take global business to the next level.  The program is designed to teach future employees how to create value that is useful to everyone through innovative research performed by the faculty members.

EDHEC has also developed a strong policy of relations with many corporate businesses and utilizes their knowledge in their educational strategy to create globally intellectual executives.  Corporate representatives deliver their knowledge and experience to students in classrooms and lecture halls on EDHEC’s campus, and the businesses also offer internships and inside interaction for students to attend real-life experiences.

Internationalisation is the major ambition for EHDEC, according to Dean Oliver Oger.  He states:

“The world is on the move, and EDHEC is moving with it. Our status as an independent school and our growth in recent years enable us to look ahead with enthusiasm. We are eager to take part in the growth of companies, in young people’s futures, in international educational issues and to develop new projects in the educational, academic and professional fields. As ever, EDHEC will  be using its expertise to innovate and take the initiative for new ventures. Whether a student, a professional, an academic or simply interested in our history, this is  a portrait of EDHEC today, our activities, programmes and people.”



The EDHEC Global MBA Program is delivered on the Nice campus, located just off the French Riviera.  It is a 10-month long full-time program and consists of 15 weeks of fundamental courses and three weeks of global tracks, as well as an Action Learning module that has students perform a custom-tailored MBA project and business simulation.  Additionally, leadership development through personal, team and career coaching is constantly provided throughout the program.

EDHEC’s MBA program also contains global business trips that give participants a hands-on experience at the front-lines of another culture from a business perspective.  All expenses are included with the exception of food and leisure.  During the trip, students attend a series of lectures on the political and economic environment in the country and gather an overview of the country’s history and culture.  Below is a list of the global business trips offered:

  • Sustainable Development – Cape Town, South Africa
  • International Finance – London, UK
  • Global Leadership – Singapore
  • Entrepreneurship – Silicon Valley, US
  • Family Business – Paris, France

Below is a curriculum of the global MBA program, provided by EDHEC.

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The Executive MBA Program is a part-time, 18 month program designed to create managers who have the essential and latest management training and insights to be an effective leader in the organisation.  The program was structured around five main areas of managerial development:

  1. Succeeding as a business entrepreneur.
  2. Developing extensive knowledge to see the big-picture economy.
  3. Acquiring new frameworks and innovative ways of thinking.
  4. Consolidating and updating basic management skills.
  5. Making the newly learned skills as effective as possible.

13 core modules in Management Science enable participants to have a clear understanding of strategy and management fundamentals that are essential for business success in the globalized economy.  The program also has an Executive MBA consulting project that integrates all the elements of the program while learning different consulting methods in a hands-on, action learning environment.  Executives also attend development seminars, personalised coaching sessions, and have the opportunity to go on global business trips in:

  • Istanbul in Turkey,
  • Mumbai and New Dehli in India
  • Shanghai in China
  • Cape Town in South Africa
  • Saint Petersburg in Russia
  • Buenos Aires in Argentina
  • Warsaw in Poland

Below is a list of the 13 core modules designed to provide students with the key aspects of management.

  • Business Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Decision Making in Business and Strategy
  • Economy and Global Environment of Business
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Managing Organizations
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management and Supply Chain
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Options & Management


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


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General Information

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