Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, DePaul University – Chicago, Illinois

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Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, DePaul University - Chicago, Illinois

Key Differentiators

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business has 138 full-time faculty, 135 executive faculty and 1,800 students.  The business school was founded in 1912 and has a mission and commitment to being a leader in management education by constantly providing up-to-date classes, course materials and educational experiences.  Kellstadt has over 19,000 alumni making societal contributions around the world.

The business school is accredited by the AACSB and promotes the learning of knowledge, the advancement of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge with the business community.  They strive for an equal balance of teaching and pedagogical innovation in the classroom and recognise the value of discipline-based research and making contributions to society, practice and education through it.

The graduate programmes at Kellstadt are focused on the rapidly changing business environment and provide outstanding academic and practical education that develops leaders in the business world who will provide immediate contributions to businesses and communities in Chicago.

Kellstadt also has a number of Centres and Institutes to promote research and innovation within the staff and students.  These institutes and centres are:

  • Business Technology Center
  • Business and Professional Ethics
  • Career Management Center
  • Center for Strategy, Execution, and Valuation
  • Coleman Entrepreneurship Center
  • Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance
  • Driehaus Center for International Business
  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Interactive Marketing Institute
  • Kellstadt Center for Marketing Analysis and Planning
  • Management Development Center
  • Real Estate Center
  • Center for Creativity and Innovation



The Full-time MBA Programme is offered in an Accelerated or Flexible format and features a career-focused curriculum designed to let individuals customise their educational experience.  The programme allows students to pursue multiple concentrations in order to meet the multi-functional demands of today’s business world.  Six electives are selected throughout the course, having three courses for each selected concentration.

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The Accelerated MBA Programme delivers students management knowledge through a lock-step format during the first three quarters and a career-focused concentration elective format for the fourth quarter.  The programme has a total of 18 courses.  To the left is the structure of the accelerated curriculum, provided by DePaul.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 12.25.56 PMThe Flexible MBA Programme allows students to choose between the morning programmes, evening programmes or both and is offered on multiple campuses.  Students can choose how much work they take on each quarter and the career-focused curriculum ensures they get the full MBA experience.  To the right is a diagram of the programme structure, provided by Depaul.


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General Information

Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
1 E Jackson Blvd #7900
Chicago, IL 60604
United States

t: +1 312-362-8000