Babson College at Olin Graduate School of Business – Wellesley, Massachusetts

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Business School Motto: The educator for entrepreneurship of all kinds

Babson College at Olin Graduate School of Business - Wellesley, Massachusetts

Key Differentiators

Babson College at Olin Graduate School of Business believes that entrepreneurship can be applied in organisations of all shapes and sizes, in established business and in new ventures.  They believe that entrepreneurial thought is happening on all levels of today’s businesses and that teams, divisions and enterprises as a whole are striving to be more entrepreneurial.  Babson states they provide the worlds leading business education based on the idea that thinking and acting entrepreneurially can be taught.

Babson College invented a teaching methodology that blends innovative, integrated curricular programmes in a collaborative community to help students gain both functional business fundamentals and foundational liberal arts knowledge.  The programme places an emphasis on the social, environmental, economic responsibility and sustainability and teach students the economic and social value they are creating for each other.

The business school hosts students from over 70 different countries and shares their methodologies with other institutions around the world.  They have also been labeled as having the worlds longest-standing and most influential global entrepreneurship research projects and conferences, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, which is offered in partnership with London School of Business.



The MBA Programme allows students to select the programme type that best suits their lifestyle and objectives and is offered in a one-year, two-year, evening and fast track format.  In each format, these core courses are required to incorporate entrepreneurial thought and action across all disciplines:

  • Opportunity and Entrepreneurship
  • Creating and Leading Effective Organizations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Managing Talent: Yours and Others
  • Strategy
  • Data, Models and Decisions
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Law
  • Defining, Offering and Delivering Value to Customers
  • Managerial Economics
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Measuring and Managing Strategic Performance
  • Managing at the Crossroads: International Economics, Business and Government
  • Global Connections Through Technology

The One-Year Programme is suited for those with a strong foundation in business and desire an accelerated career track.  The programme begins in May and is comprised of three core modules.

The Two-Year Programme is for participants who need a comprehensive focus on business and wish to redirect their careers.  The programme begins in August and is comprised of four modules taught over 21 months.

The Evening Programme is intended for professionals who seek a part-time programme that accommodates personal and professional needs.  The programme begins in May, September and January and is available at the Wellesley and Boston locations.  Students take between six to eight credits per semester and typically finish in three years.  Classes take place from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The Fast Track MBA Programme is for the favored, hard-working professional who seeks a flexible MBA delivered through web-based and face-to-face simulations.  The program is cohort-based and begins in March and September.  Students participate in virtual sessions and online collaboration and attend face-to-face sessions in either Wellesley or San Francisco.  Each cohort has a programme manger and face-to-face sessions occur approximately every seven week and last from Thursday afternoon to Saturday.  The curriculum is delivered through five main experiences:  Two residency week sessions, the set of core and elective courses offered to all formats, and a capstone experience directed towards the participants companies for real-world application of the learned knowledge.

All four of the programmes are based on a curriculum delivered through experiential learning techniques.  These techniques provide students with personal and professional confidence, investigative skills with a questioning mindset, problem recognition and change management capacities, the ability to operate in a complex business environment and the ability to make professional actions and decisions.  Signature Learning Experiences are also integrated into each format, reinforcing and expanding classroom activities through hands-on simulations that put theory into practice.

The Executive Education offered at Babson is offered in the format of custom programmes designed to deliver and meet the clients needs, open-enrollment programmes that inform individuals on acute areas of business and society, thought leadership newsletters, practical learning through consortia and issue identification through consulting.  The programmes are delivered through workshops, week-long classes, online programmes and modules.


Global MBA Rankings
Although Forbes and US News do not rank MBAs globally, they were included for their impact in the US


Job Integration Rate
According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Business School Ranking

  • High:  90% job offer three months post-graduation


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